Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dallas Mopar Club - NCAA Tournament - GM ignition switch recall 3-22-20...

Informally founded in 1982, the Dallas MOPAR Club was officially organized in January 1983 and published its first newsletter that February. The intent of the founding members (Jerry and Scott Calder, Chris and Mark Cigainero, David Hancock, Scott Graham, and followed soon thereafter by Mark Wilson and Shannon Lilly) was to create a community of MOPAR enthusiasts focused on high performance muscle cars.

KFXR 1190 AM, has added what is touted to be a fun exciting show which will share much needed advice on purchasing and servicing automotive, today's news, social media topics, and celebrity interviews.  The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney.  He is joined by a cast of experts to share information and opinions during the show.

Jeff "Bubba" Thompson, the ANE Show's Co-Host, also serves as Jim's right hand man in the dealership.  He will share "war stories" and other helpful information for the consumer's automotive needs.  Josh "Social Media's Guru" Deaton, and James "Spin Doctor" Schaefer , Co-Founders of DeliveryMaxx, are experts when it comes to today's technology and will provide insight to everything pertaining to social media, internet marketing, online reputation, and digital solutions.  Paul Salfen, the coolest guy in Dallas, will add celebrity insight with interviews of the hottest stars in sports, music, and entertainment.

Friday, March 21, 2014

the AnE Show 3-15-2014 Jennifer Reid Equifax and David Hooks D&M Auto Le...

For this week's show some of the crew is with us. We also have in-studio guests Jennifer Reid (that's right, spelling is different, but pronounced the same) from Equifax and David Hooks returning from D&M Auto Leasing. Paul has an interview with  Aaron Paul from the New Movie "Need for Speed".

KFXR 1190 AM, has added what is touted to be a fun exciting show which will share much needed advice on purchasing and servicing automotive, today's news, social media topics, and celebrity interviews.  The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney.  He is joined by a cast of experts to share information and opinions during the show.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Shortage in News & Entertainment on The ANE Show

In less than a year, Dallas’ Talk Radio Show- The ANE Show has fast become DFW’s source for Automotive, News, and Entertainment.  Listeners from all over the country have chosen to tune into 1190 AM every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. to hear all of the latest events that may or may not be significant in what is happening today.  The cast has an opinion on everything when it comes to sports, today’s news, the entertainment industry, and of course automotive.

This week, Brad Buttermore, the President of the Dallas MOPAR Club will visit this week’s show sharing information about upcoming events and how to become part of one of the most talked about automotive organizations.  If you are a MOPAR enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this show!  In fact, if the weather cooperates (and it usually does in radio) Mr. Buttermore will be bringing his 1966 Dodge Charger.

Not only will the show meet every car enthusiast needs, we will also be talking about the newly signing of former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Brandon Weeden.  Is this a good signing for the Dallas Cowboys?  Who knows, but we will be talking about it.

Now that isn’t the only thing that is happening around the United States and abroad.  There is sure to be discussions about GM and Honda recalling a combined 2 Million vehicles over fire risk, seat-mounted side airbags among a few.  In addition, “Will we ever know what happened to the Malaysian flight?”  The ANE Show has several theories and is waiting on some of the 20 countries to ask for our opinion.  Listeners will be able to find out the right information on this week’s show.

Spring is also here!  That only means one thing.  The NCAA tournament is starting and Warren Buffett is offering $1 Billion to anyone that completes a perfect bracket through Yahoo!  Odds of winning are only 1 in 9.2 Quintillion.
However, we have the right picks for you that will enable you to claim your prize.  Stay tune to find out who we have picked.

Nothing is filtered during the show, and it is designed to provide an hour of fun, entertainment, and relief to the listeners.

You can tune in at 9 AM every Saturday Morning to 1190 AM and follow The ANE Show on Facebook to be part of the conversation.  Just write your questions or comments into the timeline and hear how the cast responds.  For more information visit

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Find your Pot of Gold with The ANE Show

Every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. on 1190 AM thousands of listeners tune into the radio listening to the Doc, Guru, Coolest Guy in Dallas, Spin Doctor, and beautiful actress/model Jennifer Reed to find information on the latest in Automotive, News, and Entertainment.  The show allows listeners to find their “pot of gold” of information in a humorous way.
There is no telling what this cast of characters is going to talk about on any particular show.  The shows outline will share the latest in information about the automotive buying experience, but adds a lot of fun to the mix with today’s news and entertainment.  Combine today’s current information with social media interaction with listeners provided by the founders of DeliveryMaxx and the talk radio show heads into uncharted territory.

The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney.  He is joined by a cast of experts to share information and opinions during the show.

This cast of characters, and we do mean “characters” spend Saturdays providing great information, but they have fun doing it to.  There is no telling what will be said on air, because they are real people with real stories.  When listeners tune the radio in on 1190 AM they will hear a cast talking about weekly news stories.  It is truly “Gold Radio Talk” at its finest.

Nothing is safe as the Josh “The Guru” Deaton and James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer (Founders of DeliveryMaxx) have been known to get into trouble at home for sharing too many family secrets.

The youngsters of the bunch are also what we call “The Pretty People.”  Paul Salfen and Jennifer Reed grace the cover of magazines and can be seen at various times when perusing through the TV channels.  Not only do they experience the life of the Rich and Famous; they gossip about it as well.  These two will share how “the other people” live.

Now, this show would not happen without the Doc keeping everyone in check.  Proctor makes sure that each show goes off without a hitch despite the efforts of the cast trying to take the show down treacherous curves.

The show is truly magically delicious!

The ANE Show airs every Saturday at 9 AM on KFXR 1190AM.  It is a one hour radio talk show with four segments which include automotive, news, celebrity updates, and great information.  For more information about the most talked about radio show in Dallas visit

Monday, March 10, 2014

Where do you listen to the Show?

The beautiful thing about doing radio is that it doesn’t matter how we look as long as we have great conversation.  That is great news for some of us on The ANE Show.  However, when the cameras do roll; we also have the pretty people to step in front of the screen and flash a captivating smile.  (We will let you decide who you want to look at when you watch the video!)
Every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. on 1190 AM the cast and crew begin to provide listeners with automotive, news, and entertainment in a fun and exciting way.  Listeners are able to interact with the show via social media through Facebook and Twitter.  All comments reach the show’s personalities in real-time and many questions or comments are answered on the air.  It doesn’t matter if you listen to the show in your bedroom, dinner table, or while taking a shower.  As a matter of fact, it is perfect when you are sitting in traffic and need something to entertain you while the guy in front of you is in the fast lane doing 50 miles per hour!

Jim Proctor who is known to his listeners as Doc approached Josh “The Guru” Deaton and “The Spin Doctor” James Schaefer to put together a unique show that would inform as well as entertain its listeners.  Proctor is the General Manager of Dodge City of McKinney which is one of the leading Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealerships in North Texas.  He saw a need for today’s automotive consumer and wanted to do a show helping with the buying process of cars, trucks or suv’s.  “I love helping customers find the perfect vehicle for them and their family and The ANE Show was a perfect medium for me to give great automotive advice.” States Doc.

To put the show together, he looked to one of the Nation’s leading Digital Media Companies.  He turned to Josh Deaton and James Schaefer who are Co-Founders of DeliveryMaxx.  DeliveryMaxx is an innovative digital marketing company that has developed a patent-pending digital program that blends social media marketing and online reputation management using common sense business principles and today’s technology separating their clients from the competition in a huge way.  DeliveryMaxx clients experience an increase in sales, online reputation, and customer satisfaction throughout their business.  Both Deaton and Schaefer are personalities on the show and DeliveryMaxx allows The ANE Show’s listeners to interact with the talk radio show.

Now, a show just about automotive would only reach a limited amount of an audience.  So the Doc, Guru, and Spin Doctor turned to a couple of “Pretty People” well known in the entertainment industry.  They reached out to “The Coolest Guy in Dallas” and Actress/Model Jennifer Reed.  Both are Co-Host on The Drew Pearson Show and have graced the cover of magizines as well as starred on well-known cable programs.  They truly bring the entertainment to the hour-long program interviewing guest such as Matthew McConaughey, Metallica, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Ben Stiller just to name a few.

It would be remiss if we didn’t mention Joel “The Gorilla” Nordgaard.  He is usually behind the computer screens making sure all of the personalities have their facts straight before they share information on the air.  Recently, “The Gorilla” landed famous sports legends like Randy White, Drew Pearson, Tim Brown, and Jen Welter on the show.  These interviews were epic in nature bringing a lot of stories never heard before in public.

The “Doc”, “Guru”, and “Spin Doctor” go on-air without a script.  They just start talking about the latest in Automotive, News, and Entertainment.

So far, these guys have put together a great show that is creating a lot of buzz on the airwaves.  You can catch The ANE Show every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. on 1190 AM.  If you want to be part of the show follow them on Twitter @TheANEshow or Facebook at

The great thing about the show is they sound good whether you are in the shower, car, or listening around the kitchen table with the family.  Plus if you dare to miss a show, you will always be able to listen to the rebroadcast by checking out The ANE Show website!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Original #88 and The Manster rebroadcast on The ANE Show

In case you missed it, The ANE Show will rebroadcast the interview with two Dallas Cowboys legends.  These guys interview was so popular that it made sense to let the listeners hear it again!

The “Original Number 88” Drew Pearson, and “Manster” (half man/half monster) Randy White give insight on what it means to be a legend, but also the mindset of being great!
The ANE Show is an hour long show every Saturday morning talking about Automotive, News, Sports, and Entertainment.  The radio show has had celebrity guest like Matthew McConaughey, Metallica, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Ben Stiller.  All have shared wonderful insights on upcoming movies, and provided listeners with inside information into their personal lives.  Now, The ANE Show will have two of the most famous Dallas Cowboys in history share some memorable moments and talk Super Bowl talk with the newest radio stars that have hit the airwaves.
Randy White is a former American football defensive lineman and linebacker. He attended the University of Maryland from 1971 to 1974, and played professionally for the Dallas Cowboys from 1975 to 1988. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame.

Playing both defensive end and linebacker at Thomas McKean High School in Wilmington, Delaware, Randy is considered to this day the “Best All-Time Player” in the history of Delaware high school football. Graduating in 1971, he was a star player in the state’s first annual Blue-Gold All-Star high school football game played every August at the University of Delaware stadium.

White was recruited by the University of Maryland and played as a fullback during his freshman year. While Maryland finished the year with only 2 wins, White did little worth noting during that year. During his sophomore season, new head coach Jerry Claiborne moved Randy to defensive end, noting that he had the skill to be "one of the best five linemen in the U.S." The move was a natural fit, as by his senior year, he was, as Claiborne put it, "as fast as some of the offensive backs I had coached." In that senior year (1974), he won numerous awards and honors, including the Outland Trophy, the Lombardi Award, and the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year. Though Maryland lost in the Liberty Bowl that season to Tennessee, Randy was named the game's Most Valuable Player. In 1994, he was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame and in 2000 was named to ABC sports All-time All-America Team.

White was the Dallas Cowboys' first pick and the second player selected in the 1975 National Football League Draft, and was moved to middle linebacker, where he was a backup to Cowboy legend Lee Roy Jordan, playing mostly on special teams his first two seasons, including his rookie season when Dallas lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl X. Jordan retired following the 1976 season, and his slot was filled by Bob Breunig, who held the position the next nine seasons. During his third season (1977), White was moved to right defensive tackle, the same position formerly occupied by "Mr. Cowboy", Bob Lilly, from 1961 through 1974, a move which in turn moved veteran Larry Cole back to his natural defensive end position (backing up Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Harvey Martin, though he did play left defensive tackle after the retirement of Jethro Pugh.

That year would prove to be his breakout year; he was named to his first All-Pro team, his first Pro Bowl, and (on his 25th birthday) was named co-MVP of Super Bowl XII with teammate Harvey Martin, making him one of only seven defensive players to win that honor. In 1978, White was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Year, and would be named to nine consecutive All-Pro and Pro Bowl teams. He would retire in 1988 (coincidentally, also the last season on the sidelines for original Cowboys coach Tom Landry), having played 209 games in 14 seasons, only missing one game during that span. At the time of his retirement, he had played the second most of any Dallas Cowboy in history. During those 14 years, he played in three Super Bowls, six NFC Championship Games, and accumulated 1,104 tackles (701 solo) and 111 sacks. His highest single season sack total was 16 in 1978. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1994. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the naming of the only co-MVPs in Super Bowl history, Super Bowl XLVII, which like Super Bowl XII was played in New Orleans, Louisiana, was dedicated to White. (Harvey Martin had died in 2001.)

Drew Pearson who currently host The Drew Pearson Show is a sportscaster and former American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.  Pearson was born and raised in South River, New Jersey, and began his football career at South River High School where he succeeded Joe Theismann as quarterback.

He attended the University of Tulsa and started four games at quarterback as a sophomore, before being converted to wide receiver prior to the 1971 season. He caught 22 passes for 429 yards and three touchdowns his junior season. As a senior, he led the run-oriented Golden Hurricane with 33 receptions for 690 yards and 3 touchdowns. During his college career he caught 55 passes for 1,119 yards, six touchdowns and had a 20.3 yard average per reception.

Pearson received the university's President's Award as the team's "best spirited and most unselfish" member.

In 1985, he was inducted into the Tulsa Athletics Hall of Fame. 

In 1973, he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Dallas Cowboys, where he rose to become one of the NFL’s greatest wide receivers, earning career records of 489 receptions and 7,822 receiving yards, along with 189 rushing yards, 155 yards returning kickoffs, and 50 touchdowns (48 receiving and two fumble recoveries). Pearson was named one of the Top 20 Pro Football All-Time wide receivers, he was also recognized for his achievements by being named to the NFL 1970s All-Decade Team.

Pearson was named All-Pro three times (1974, 1976–77) All-NFC in 1975 and second Team All-NFC in 1978. In addition, Pearson was a Pro Bowler in 1974, 1976 and 1977. Pearson led the National Football Conference (NFC) in pass receptions in 1976 with 58. He served as offensive captain for the Cowboys in 1977, 1978, 1982 and 1983.

He helped the Cowboys to three Super Bowl appearances and a victory in Super Bowl XII in 1978. He also scored a touchdown in Super Bowl X.

In 1979, he and Tony Hill—along with Tony Dorsett—helped the Cowboys become the first team in NFL history to have two 1,000-yards wide receivers and a 1,000-yard running back, when he recorded 55 receptions, 1,026 yards and 8 touchdowns. Pearson and Hill also became the first wide receiver tandem in Cowboys history, to record 1,000-yard receiving seasons in the same year.

In 1980, the Cowboys selected Pearson as their nominee for NFL Man of the Year. Pearson is known as "Mr. Clutch" for his numerous clutch catches in game-winning situations, especially the "Hail Mary" reception from Roger Staubach that sealed the victory in a 1975 playoff game, one of the most famous plays in NFL history. He also caught the game-sealing touchdown in 1973 playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams and the game-winning touchdown pass from reserve quarterback Clint Longley in the 1974 Thanksgiving game against the Washington Redskins. All three of those plays were named among the Top 75 plays in NFL history by NFL Films in 1994. All were included on a video/DVD by that name. In addition in the 1980 playoff game at Atlanta, Pearson's clutch receptions helped win that game in a comeback by the Cowboys. In the 1981 NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers, Pearson almost rendered "The Catch" irrelevant when, in the waning moments of the game, he caught a long pass from Danny White that would've gone for a touchdown and won the game for the Cowboys had 49ers cornerback Eric Wright not made a one-handed tackle, stopping him just outside field-goal range (White fumbled on the next play, thus preserving victory for the 49ers and putting them in Super Bowl XVI). In 2009, on the NFL Network show "NFL's Top 10", in the episode titled "Greatest Dallas Cowboys", he is number 10 on the list.

His career accomplishments left such a mark with the Dallas Cowboys, that his number 88 jersey is reserved for the best talent at wide receiver. Hall of Famer Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant have worn it.

On August 19, 2011 Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced that Pearson had been selected for inclusion into the highly prestigious Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. Pearson, Charles Haley and Larry Allen were inducted during the half-time show of the Cowboys-Seahawks game Sunday, November 6, 2011.

These two legends sit in the Clear Channel Studios on Saturday providing the Super Bowl expertise and analysis of the game to a show that covers today’s topics of sports, entertainment, automotive and news.  The show is not your typical radio talk show.  There is a definite purpose to the hour long program.  The ANE Show which stands for “Automotive, News, and Entertainment” provides information for consumers and dealerships alike helping listeners find the right vehicle for their needs.  However, the show doesn’t take the typical approach to just providing the same information about the automotive industry every week.  The cast which is made up of Jim “Doc” Proctor (General Manager of Dodge City of McKinney), Jeff “Bubba” Thompson, Josh “The Guru” Deaton, James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer, Paul “The Coolest Guy in Dallas” Salfen, and the beautiful Jennifer Reed also discuss today’s news and entertainment.  The “Doc” and “Bubba” have spent many years in the automotive industry helping put car buyers in the right vehicle.  They are known for providing great vehicles for fair prices, and even more for going the extra mile to make buyers happy.  “The Guru” and “Spin Doctor” created a patent-pending digital marketing company (DeliveryMaxx) that blends social media and online reputation to help any company, organization, or person that utilizes the web to share or sell their products or services.  To keep the show light and entertaining, Paul Salfen (best known for hosting the Drew Pearson Show) and actress/model Jennifer Reed talk about there every day encounters with radio, TV, and movie stars.

Nothing is filtered during the show, and it is designed to provide an hour of fun, entertainment, and relief to the listeners.

Listen to the answers these legends give as The ANE Show gets into the minds of two of the most competitive athletes ever to put on shoulder pads.

You can tune in at 9 AM every Saturday Morning to 1190 AM and follow The ANE Show on Facebook to be part of the conversation.  Just write your questions or comments into the timeline and hear how the cast responds.